Riga EarlyMusic Centre


Riga Earlymusic centre was founded by Solvita Sejane (Solvita Sējāne), Boriss Avramecs and Maris Kupcs (Māris Kupčs). Riga Earlymusic centre brings together and coordinates the musicians involved with early music interpretation, based on historical traditions. The center also has started the early music festivals in Latvia, and a  musical instrument research, promoting playback according to tradition historical tradition. Riga Earlymusic centre explores the composers who worked in Latvian territory.


Creating a general public interest, pride and awareness of Riga and the Latvian territory historical musical traditions that have been lost through the centuries of cultural events from overall picture, but in earlier centuries have been an integral part of holiday events and expected component. Targeted to identify all possible Latvian historic site resulting early music compositions, which apply to these traditions, and to play them as much as possible in the historical way. To gather and catalog the information about our historic music authors, the role of music in life. Update the historical tradition of the early music revival of a wide range of music lovers both in Riga and elsewhere in Latvia, as well as across the border in cooperation with Europe's greatest performers. Through international cooperation with outstanding experts in the field to provide an opportunity for the audience at concerts and events as well as new, emerging, and already well-known musicians in master classes offer important additional knowledge and skills of historical instruments, dance, era developments in the field of study, see the historical similarities and the differences Riga and other European capital of culture heritage. Similarly, the Riga Earlymusic centre goal and mission is collaboration between the best early music performers from all over Europe.